About the Company

OÜ Nordmet Invest company was established in 2002. It is founded by Estonian capital. In 2004 the company started actively developing real estate. This goal united various specialists with diverse experience. All specialists are experienced, they have been working in the area of construction for many years. As the proof of their good work can serve numerious modern houses.
We have reached significant results in the areas of both private construction and private buildings in Tarty and Tallin.
You can vew our projects by following the link: www.nordmet-invest.ee And in addition to that we offer you information about our new projects.

Management Principles:

Our goal is to become one of the biggest companies in Estonia that deal with real estate development. Our aim is to stand out against the competitors and offer our clients the high-quality service that would satisfy both all customers‘ demands and technical and legal requirements

The main principles on the way to high quality:

  • Satisfactory performance at all steps;
  • Creative approach towards work – from day one till the end of the construction;
  • Hiring famous and high-quality contractors. Maintaining uniqueness and quality of the provided service;
  • Making sure that all employees are of high professional level and motivated;
  • Being dependable and flexible partner for our clients;